When I get bored, I try to make something out of nothing. I just really love making stuff.

I went to starbucks and asked for iced water because i’m that cool

Shrinky Dinks are awesome

nuff said

did some nail stuff

Infinity Earrings!

My Irrelevant shirt! :)

I printed the “IRRELEVANT” stencil and drew the target stencil.

I kinda hoped to use the stencil again but it was all ripped after the process.

Christmas feeling earrings!

I know that their sizes are different…

For my Spanish class project (2)

I had to make an item for the nativity scene

I just chose to make an angel.. and I think I failed….

Now I have to

bring an article that uses any Spanish words

Greet my school’s librarian in Spanish

Sing a song in Spanish to a teacher

cook a Hispanic dish and bring it to my school

bring something that is made in a Spanish speaking country


For my Spanish class project. (1)

I have to write a Christmas card in Spanish

How Fun! ¡Qué divertido! 

I got the idea from here -> http://www.instructables.com/id/Origami-Earrings/

Well.. in my school, we have this Kris Kringle thingy, which is kinda like a secret santa..

the theme was red and white, warm and fuzzy, do it yourself.

so I made earrings! To make the paper crane waterproof, I again used a top coat.

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